About Us

It’s true that we have no connections or celebrity ties that will guarantee that this will work out. We know that not everyone on our wish lists will come much less hear about this concert – but why not ask anyway? Life is too short.

Who we are:

  •  A group of upright citizens who are fed up with society and its feeding of a rape culture.
  •  Compatriots who are angry with the label of shame that automatically attaches itself to sexual assault survivors.
  • Exhausted XXs who are tired of fighting this undeserved battle alone without help from XYs.
  •  Fans of good music.

Who we are NOT:

  • Men-bashers.
  • Rebels without a clue.
  • Fangirls that secretly want celeb DNA to produce future offsprings that will fund our dream villas in the south of France.
  • Naive.

Call us crazy. You won’t hurt our feelings. Compassion plus justice equals love and we admit that we are in deep. Love is crazy and makes absolutely no sense at all.  Until it does.

Music Wish List
Presenter Wish List


A concert that believes men can make a difference.