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Dear Men is a place where survivors share their stories and ask men to join in the fight to end rape by supporting Edipus. For guidelines and information on how to submit your story, click here.


I was asked to share my story on this site because Janis is a friend of mine and I trust her. I haven’t talked about this in a long time and I feel like it’s still so new even though it happened almost twenty years ago. I was raped by someone I thought I could trust but he turned out to be a liar. I still can’t talk about the details and this isn’t a place to do so anyway but I will say that Edipus makes me feel hopeful. It’s taken me years to understand that all men do not rape. Every man that I see is not my future rapist and doesn’t want to hurt me. I would love to see men at this concert because I know so many other survivors of rape who still aren’t convinced that men care but they want to be. I hope men come to this and I hope some celebrity has the courage so say something. Rape isn’t easy to get over but the wounds don’t have to be so fresh.